General Instructions for Full Application Form

There are seven main sections of the Full Application form in which you have the option of filling out. These include:

  • Application details
  • Applicant's Information (yours)
  • Spouse's / CoApplicants Information
  • Current Address (yours)
  • Previous Address (yours)
  • Personal References
  • Personal Statement of Net Worth

There are many input fields on the page, but there are only a few that are mandatory. These are indicated by the "" to the right of the field (loan amount, loan details, your first and last name) (see the legend at the top or bottom of the page). All other fields are optional, but by filling them out you will speed up the approval process.

When you have completed filling the form out, you must click on the "Agreement" button at the bottom. Once you have agreed, click the "Proceed" button to finalize the application.

There are two more options for further help:

  • Each section has a hyperlink similar to this in the titlebar, and will give more detailed instructions on how to complete that section.
  • All fields have tooltips for formatting/syntax. For instance, if you hover your mouse over the telephone number field, a tooltip will appear with a message stating that it must be in the format NNN-NNNN. For Netscape 4.7x users, hover over the star image to view the tooltip.

For easy navigation, use the Tab key to move to the next field.

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